Yoga for Beginners Course

An online four week course designed for complete beginners to yoga or those wanting to hone the fundamentals of their yoga practice. The course aims to introduce students to an overview of four key elements of yoga: physical postures, breathwork, relaxation and meditation. 

At the end of the four weeks, the intention is that you will have the confidence to join a regular beginners' class and be ready to begin your yoga practice in a safe and sustainable way. 

Physical postures (known as asana) 

We will work to strengthen and tone the body, while also releasing muscular tension in order to promote flexibility and mobility.

Breathwork (known as pranayama)

We will work with simple breath techniques to assist with your yoga practice and to promote relaxation.


Relaxing or switching off has become increasingly difficult in the fast-paced and uncertain world that we live in. We will cover various guided relaxations to help balance the nervous system.



The physical postures were originally designed to prepare the body for meditation, but this is something that is often left out of classes these days. We will cover simple and accessible mindfulness and breath techniques to calm the mind.

Week 1 - Breath & alignment

Week 2 - Foundation & expansion 

Week 3 - Standing balance and stabilising 

Week 4 - Backbends

Price - £30

*Course structure subject to change

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