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Private Bookings

I teach one to one and private group classes or workshops by request. 

These sessions can be tailored to the specific needs of individual students or groups, from complete beginners to yoga or those wanting to hone the fundamentals of their yoga practice.

Some example areas of focus are as follows:

Physical postures (known as asana) 

We can explore the physical postures of yoga in depth to help strengthen and tone the body, while also releasing muscular tension in order to promote flexibility and mobility.

Breathwork (known as pranayama)

We can work with simple breath techniques to assist with your yoga practice and to promote relaxation.


Relaxing or switching off has become increasingly difficult in the fast-paced and uncertain world that we live in. We can cover various guided relaxations to help balance the nervous system.



The physical postures were originally designed to prepare the body for meditation, but this is something that is often left out of classes these days. We can cover simple and accessible mindfulness and breath techniques to calm the mind.


I combine my experience of the Alexander Technique, my vocal training and targeted yoga practice to help students relax and strengthen their voice in order to express themselves more freely and authentically.   


£60 per hour for private or group classes

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Many thanks! I'll be in touch with you shortly.

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